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Like Spiderman with spray cans! 

A young street artist returns home when his best friend is murdered and must battle his old ‘graf’ crew to discover the murderer the only way they know how-- scaling buildings and jumping trains to establish the best and most daring street artist.

But going back home is challenging in more ways than he expected: his Sikh family are disappointed in his life choices, and he realises that his x girlfriend was not so easy to forget. Her plan to save their hometown from gentrification helps him to rekindle his passion for his home and his heart.


“As a rich portrait of a fascinating sub-culture, intriguing murder mystery, and penetrating character study, this is a compelling and important script with no few surprises. The world CKR and his colleagues Manny and DCON occupy is unique, subversive, and now possibly dangerous. The script deserves credit for showing us the artists behind the graffiti, in all their vulnerability and humanity. In some cases, it seems that pain itself is fuelling their art.”

Los Angeles Script Site: The Black List


i.e: LOVE = LIKE + TIME?

Cass, like most red-blooded females, would like to think she understands the formula, but an unplanned pregnancy puts romance in perspective whilst working at the first all-female radio station pushes all her other hormonal buttons. Finding a solution to life’s challenges is going to force her to upgrade all her long-held beliefs



“I loved it.” - Heather Greenaway, The Sunday Mail
“I got really caught up in Cass’s life and I loved the setting and background of the all-female radio station…A HUGE congratulations…” - Susan Boyd, novelist and screenwriter
“I'm thoroughly enjoying your book. I hope there are many more”.
- Matt Bendoris, Chief Features Writer, The Scottish Sun

"A great script with incredible characters that are so perfectly created and solidified the second you start reading”  - Sister
“I loved the dynamism of the script and the witty back and forth between Cass and Zac. I loved the playful and humorous tone and the distinct but familiar time and radio setting. It was an absolute pleasure to read.”  - New Pictures

Shortlisted for London Literary Award 2019

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