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tc arkle


words came to me from a very young age in the form of both poetry and prose


I went to Boston University and studied poetry at Harvard but dropped out


became lyrics in songs before I was dropped by the record label


as presenter of TV shows like the North’s version of The Word, a music show with hijinks and the latest live bands


filling the airwaves on the first all-female radio station, Viva! 963am, before I got fired as a radio presenter for playing un listed songs


sticking to the format was never my strong point


as a journalist my words appeared in columns and newspapers


in pilots for Baby Cow and Channel 4 with my own contents company


my screenplay which won first place at Moondance Film Festival and second place at the Reelheart Film Festival in Toronto


a first novel which was shortlisted for the Novel London Literary Festival 2019


and poems longlisted for the National Poetry Competition 2018 and shortlisted for the Bridport Poetry Competition 2020


I’m getting better at finding my words

W      O      R       D

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